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What areas can be treated?

All areas can be treated, with the exception of eyelashes, and the

hairs inside of the nostrils. This includes upper lip, chin, eyebrows,

underarms,  arms, bikini, legs, etc.




15 minutes...$35

30 minutes...$50

60 minutes...$80

As opposed to laser, electrolysis does not cause burning, discoloration, or blistering.

Laser does not work well on grey or blonde hairs. Electrolysis does!

By comparison, electrolysis costs significantly less than laser for the same area.




Based on my experiences with both laser hair removal and electrolysis, the main thing I have come to realize is that, while laser hair promises to reduce hair, ONLY electrolysis has the precision needed to get rid of all hair permanently.


I have had to deal with excessive hair for most of my life and have seen a lot of equipment and technology changes. In my experience, electrolysis is the BEST method.


I have also concluded that the knowledge and skill of the therapist is a big factor in achieving the desired results. Zainab did a great job with me, and I would recommend her services to anyone with excessive hair issues.


We provide permanent hair removal for:

+Hormonal issues, including PCOS

+Transgender individuals

+Men and athletes


+Dark skin and curly hair

We offer FREE consultations for electrolysis and skin care

At Birmingham Electrolysis and Skin Care, we care deeply about your well-being and in making you feel comfortable and cared for. Our goal is for you to be completely pleased with the results of your treatment.


Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal treatment for all skin and hair colors.

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