Based on my experiences with both laser hair removal and electrolysis, the main thing I have come to realize is that, while laser hair promises to reduce hair,ONLY electrolysis has the precision needed to get rid of all hair permanently. Electrolysis has also proven to work on all hair pigments: black, red or blonde. This is something the laser treatment cannot claim.

I have had to deal with excessive hair for most of my life and have seen a lot of equipment and technology changes.  In my experience, I have come to the conclusion that electrolysis is the BEST method. I have also concluded that the knowledge and skill of the therapist is a big factor in achieving the desired results.

Zainab did a great job with me, and I would recommend her services to anyone with excessive hair issues.

What is electrolysis? 
Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. It uses disposable probes to kill the hairs one at a time.

How does it work?
A fine probe is inserted into each individual hair follicle. You will feel a slight heat sensation. The papilla, responsible for hair growth, will be destroyed, and the hair will no longer grow.

How long does a treatment take?
Treatment varies with each individual and the surface area being treated. Sessions can last between 15 minutes to one full hour, dependent upon an individual's needs. Usually, within six months of regular treatments, there will be noticeable change in the regrowth. However, additional treatments may still be required to get rid of all hairs permanently.

What areas can be treated?
All areas can be treated with the exception of eyelashes and the hairs inside of the nostrils.

How long is the downtime after treatment?

None. You can come in during a lunch break and
return to normal activities immediately after.

15 minutes.................................$30.00
30 minutes................................$45.00
60 minutes................................$75.00

Buy 5 treatments, get 1 FREE.

Compared to laser hair removal, you will not experience burning, discoloration, blistering, painful treatment areas, or waste your money on treatments that often do not have the desired results. For example, laser does not work well on grey or blonde hair. Electrolysis does! By comparison, electrolysis costs 60% less than laser for the same treatment area.