ELECTROLYSIS is permanent hair removal for everyone

LASER is hair reduction for some

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Because, lasers work by destroying pigment, they are not effective in removing light hair in fair skin or dark hair on dark skin.  ELECTROLYSIS, works on these hairs because its mechanism of action has nothing to do with pigment: it uses an electric current passed through a needle, which is inserted down the hair follicle.

An additional potential downside with the use of laser treatments on any area that is strongly affected by androgens, a paradoxical overgrowth of thick dark hairs can occur on the sides of the face, sideburn area and neck.  This will not ever occur with ELECTROLYSIS.

ELECTROLYSIS is effective for many people for many reasons.

Read about the permanent hair removal we provide for:

+hormonal issues, including PCOS

+transgender individuals

+men and atheletes


+dark skin and curly hair

+sensitive areas

We can help with many issues related to permanent hair removal and skin care.

We offer FREE consultations for ELECTROLYSIS and Skin care

At Birmingham Electrolysis and Skin Care, we care deeply about your well being and in making you feel comfortable and cared for.  Our goal is for you to be completely pleased with the results of your treatment.

Our permanent hair removal clients at Birmingham Electrolysis and Skin Care have come to us for several reasons: abnormal hairgrowth caused by hormonal imbalances(incl PCOS), unwanted facial hair, or the removal of unwanted hair anywhere on the body.  Many have dealt with these issues for years, not knowing that ELECTROLYSIS, is the only FDA approved permanent hair removal treatment for all skin and hair colours.

Birmingham Electrolysis and Skin Care, has been welcoming and working with transgender clientele for several years.  We are highly skilled in the special techniques and demands of large volume hair removal.  And we understand the serious, intimate and emotional nature of the process.

Electrolysis vs Laser​​